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I am a podcaster, social media influencer and spiritual advisor. My podcast is filled with daily information, motivation & manifestation. My goal is to inspire others to become their authentic self! P.Y.O is an acronym for "PUTTING YOU ON" (@PYOwithqueenshamula) So I’ll be putting you on to anything that I feel can help you along your journey to keep you inspired and motivated.

I love to inspire and uplift others, coming from a dysfunctional home I wish I had someone to teach me about spiritually so I can be a better mother, friend, or partner. Working on myself daily helps me show others that anything is possible once you put your mind to it!



I am open and honest, being authentic is all I know. I started out not knowing where I would end up but just trusting the process and doing the work. I believe in manifesting the life you desire. I remember repeating the same thing over and over and not getting anywhere. Depending on others to make me happy and to show me how to have a successful life, I didn't have power over my thoughts, my body, my mind, or my spirit so I decided to heal myself! I started reading self-help books and learning about shifting the mind. I got into meditation and changed my way of thinking! I started attracting the people, things and places that's in alignment with my true authentic self, I became happier and confident with myself. I got into tarot reading to understand myself a little more and began to help my close friends and love ones, I watch how it changed everyone lives drastically. My passion for helping others navigate and learning about themselves keeps me motivated and inspired so I decided to make this my full time job. Now I am a podcaster, tarot reader, spell caster and spiritual advisor.

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